The Japanese healing art of JIN SHIN JYUTSU is a dynamic form of energy medicine that focuses on harmonizing one’s life force by applying our hands to energy centers on the body.

It brings the body’s individual energy back in rhythm with the universal energy which we access through listening to pulse. It is at this point when healing occurs. JSJ balances the spiritual, psychological and physical aspects of our being to bring about health and happiness. JSJ is a comprehensive system of knowledge as well as an art that involves skillful creation. We utilize specific flow patterns that are calculated and deliberate to unblock slow moving energy so that it can flow freely and the body can function optimally.


CONNECTIONS1 and CONNECTIONS2, led by Alexis Brink and Jules Rochon, introduces students to the core philosophy of Jin Shin Jyutsu and the interrelationship of the concepts. Over the course of 3 weekends, this class will address energy centers on the body (Safety Energy Locations), Depths, Pulse Listening, Organ Flows, Source Energy (The First Three), and much more. Students will have opportunities to practice the flow patterns on each other and receive sessions with guidance from the instructors. Practice sessions will include body reading/scanning, practice at pulse listening, and applying theory and connections to develop treatment plans.

We’ve named this course Connections because as practitioners, we make connections with the client through intuition and understanding how to most effectively harmonize body, mind, and spirit.



$350 (Early-bird $225) in-person per module

$225 (Early-bird $175) webinar per module

$550 in-person if both modules are purchased together

Textbooks are included


May 11-13th


May 18-20th

This course is the first step to becoming a certified practitioner through the Jin Shin Institute.