We offer a 10 session intensive treatment program where you will receive 2 sessions a day.

There will be 6 hours in between sessions to rest. In this way the body has no time to build up the congested energy. It is like pealing an onion, dissolving layer by layer. This intensive is ideal for people who like to come in from out of town or for people who are working on a specific project.

The sessions will be given by Alexis Brink & other experienced practioners.

We also offer a possibility to stay in our AirB&B at a discounted rate.

"I've had the energy to see a lot more people than usual, most of whom didn't know I'd done the intensive or didn't know what JSJ is. They made unsolicited comments such as, "you seem different somehow........ boy you have a lot of "chi" or prana"......seems like you're dancing through life...... where did you get all that energy from?...... and more observations like that.”

Today I saw my other practitioner who was amazed at the change in me, that I was so much more in my body, that I was breathing on a much deeper level and she could get more into my SELS, that my body and its energies were very much in harmony.   At the end of the session she said, "Alexis did a great job".”

I agree.”

With Love & Gratitude,  Frieda”