Private Sessions

A private session is an individualized treatment to address a specific health issue, injury, to create emotional balance or simply maintain optimal health. A session includes a simple Self Help flow that will be presented to take home for healing maintenance. After a session it is recommended to "take it easy" so that for the next 8 hours the body can settle into the new state of being. 

Please wear comfortable clothing. A session takes about an hour. 

"Whatever our imperfections, their exists a silent pulse of perfect rythym." Mary Burmeister



"From the moment I enter Alexis’s treatment room, the warm glow of the lights and the soft music allow me to release tension and begin to breathe.  I was never a believer in “energy work”, but Alexis has converted me.  She applies a deep touch to the back and shoulders and always “hits the spot”. She uses a gentle touch to the fingers and face to increase energy flow to target certain issues.  The sessions have improved the pain in my back and knees tremendously, and have helped me to decrease stress and sleep better.  I leave every session feeling less tense and achy, and more calm, peaceful and relaxed. I look forward to my weekly sessions and I am genuinely sad when I cannot attend."

Lauren Manheim