Main Center Source Flow

Main Center Source helps the total being. It harmonizes all the organ functions, the spine and balances our emotions. MCS is the energy which goes down the center of the body, through the pubic bone and coccyx and up the spine. MCS brings our body back into rythym with Source Energy.



  1. Place your right fingertips on the top of your head. Keep your hand there for the rest of the exercise, until Step 7, when you move it to the base of the spine. Helps: the pineal and pituitary glands.
  2. Place your left fingertips between the eyebrows. Helps: memory, mental clarity, focus, mental stress, insomnia, natural diuretic.
  3. Place your left fingertips on the indentation under the tip of your nose. Helps: reproductive functions and energy of generation and regeneration.
  4. Place your left fingertips on the V of the neck. Helps: thyroid, parathyroid, voice, breathing, calcium absorption.
  5. Place your left fingertips on the middle of sternum or breastbone. Helps: lungs, breathing, heart, emotional being, harmonizes growth hormones, immune system. 
  6. Place your left fingertips at the base of the sternum, directly above the solar plexus. Helps: liver, gallbladder, stomach, spleen, adrenals.
  7. Place your left fingertips on top of the pubic bone. This revitalizes the descending source of life energy and strengthens the spine.
  8. Leave your left hand on top of the pubic bone. Remove the fingertips of you right hand from the top of your head and place them at the base of the spine, at the coccyx. You may also use the palm or back of the right hand, if it is more comfortable. The last placement of the hand revitalizes the ascending source of life energy and aids in the circulation of the legs and feet.
Main Center Source Video