What is The Art of Jin Shin?

The Art of Jin Shin is a Japanese healing art that balances the energetic body, mind and spirit by using our hands. Learn more about our latest programs and offerings listed below!

Join our monthly JSI Study Circle!

This monthly Study Circle is for people who:
➝ Want to meet and interact with fellow Wellness Practitioners around the world
➝ Desire a more in-depth understanding of this healing art

During this Study Circle:
➝ You will be apart of an interactive learning environment
➝ Have an opportunity to ask Alexis your questions directly
➝ Time for sharing experiences and clarifying any part of your learning process

Become a Jin Shin Institute Affiliate

We are thrilled to personally invite each of you to join our latest initiative to grow our community and further share the vast healing art of Jin Shin.

We are launching our JSI Affiliate program. The details program are as follows:

  • Receive a personalized Affiliate link
  • For each person that enrolls in our Certified Foundational Practitioner Training curriculum through you, you will receive a 10% commission 
  • You will receive payments at the end of each month

Let's spread the Art of Jin Shin to the world together!

Beginners Workshop in the Art of Jin Shin

Join us for this beginners exploration of The Art of Jin Shin with Alexis Brink!


This is for people who:

➝ Are experiencing stress, anxiety, worry

➝ Want to learn new self care techniques

➝ Feel they could enhance their overall wellbeing and health

➝ Want to meet like-minded people from around the world 

➝ Desire a more in-depth understanding of this healing art


What you will get:

➝ An interactive learning environment

➝ An opportunity to learn from Alexis directly

➝ Time for personalized questions

➝ A unique self care plan, walk away with tangible tools & healing techniques

“Once in a while, one comes across a person who demonstrates the potential to be extraordinary, and that is Alexis Brink. I have known Alexis for more than a decade and have always been impressed with her desire to break new boundaries and think beyond the ordinary paradigm.”

– Deepak Chopra

“I’ve been going to sessions and practicing the Art of Jin Shin for over twenty years. I have always felt immediate improvement in my physical and emotional health after a session or self-help, so even intermittent sessions/self-help have made me feel better. Over the last year, I’ve committed to a weekly Jin Shin session and more time practicing self-help and as a result feel a marked improvement in my overall physical and emotional well being. Weekly Jin Shin sessions have become a health and wellness main stay. My 12 year old daughter has been raised receiving the Art of Jin Shin (starting from when she was in my womb) from me and other Jin Shin practioners. Whenever she is injured or sick, she always asks which flow we can do to make her feel better.”

– Claudia Wernick

“The opportunity to be an apprentice and work with Alexis and her clients was truly a gift! Alexis helped me improve and expand my skills as a practitioner. She gently directed and guided me and often there was time to discuss the choices we made during the sessions. As important, was the ability to hone my skills by practicing on Alexis so I could recieve feedback and suggestions on my work. I am grateful for all I have learned and continue to learn from Alexis. Love & Cheers.”

– Patty Bayer Troup

“Ms. Brink is an Associate at our Center where she practices the Art of Jin Shin. I have, therefore, had the opportunity to observe her superior skills as a therapist. Ms. Brink has also participated in our ongoing lecture series to make the public aware of the advantages of this therapeutic tool and has led experiential self-healing groups.”

– Serafina Corsello, MD, FACAM, Executive Medical Director, Corsello Centers for Integrative Medicine

“Whether I am at the Jin Shin Institute to attend a workshop or to recieve a Jin Shin session, I always experience a calming sense of wellness. Alexis Brink is an excellent instructor and a gifted practioner. I am grateful that our paths have crossed.”

– Maureen Jackson

A Place to Heal and Learn

Jin Shin Institute of New York offers a variety of services.

  • Private Sessions by Practitioner
  • Private Self-Help Tutorials
  • Group Self-Help Classes
  • Practice Circle for Students
  • Online Learning
  • Practitioner and Teacher Trainings in the Art of Jin Shin
  • NCBTMB℠ Continuing Education for Massage Therapists