Deepak Chopra, MD, FACP, Health & Wellness Guru

"I have watched Alexis interact with people from a diversity of backgrounds and have always been impressed with her confidence and inquisitiveness to learn more about them...As a physician and Co-Founder of the Chopra Center for Well Being, I believe that Alexis has the makings of a true healer who will know ad implement both science and art of medicine."

Debbie Gibson: Recording Artist/Entertainer

"I have been seeing Alexis Brink for over 15 years and whenever I'm in NYC I make sure to get a treatment. The work of Jin Shin gently balances the body so it is able to get back to it's natural rhythm and flow. I always leave a session more energized, yet calmer, and am better able to go about my day in a peaceful, joyful state. Alexis is a first rate healer/practitioner and I highly recommend her to anyone suffereing with a particular health issue, anxiety issue, or those who simply want to be at their optimal level of being!"

Deborah Roberts: ABC News Journalist & Wife of Al Roker

"I knew nothing of Jin Shin until I met Alexis Brink. She has made me a believer out of me. My stressed out body found calm and my exhaustion gave way to energy. This ancient touch should be a prescription for all women who do too much."

A Few Words from Our Clients & Students


"This dedicated practitioner can help you heal your life. Alexis gave me practical and effective Self Help positions that balanced my energy and body in a way that nothing else has."

-Nana Visitor: Leading Actress in Deep Space Nine: Star Trek


“As a chiropractor, I had a real appreciation for this healing art. As I got to know Alexis better, I could see that so much of who she is and her practice of Jin Shin Jyutsu are one. She emanates this healing art not only with her hands but also in her physical presence.”

-Dr. Merrill Rudin


"I had known about the profound healing power of the Art of Jin Shin several years, but waited to embark on my studies until I encountered the appropriate teacher. What fortune I had to meet Alexis in a self help class in the Open Center. Her calm, loving manner of transmitting the living Art of Jin Shin inspired me greatly and I began to apprentice with her at her pristine healing space. I am eternally grateful for her openness in receiving me as her student. Her gentle feedback and extensive knowledge of the flows and the human body guided me as we treated her clients. With more than twenty years of experience she is able to read the imbalances within the body quickly and apply flows effectively. She demonstrates true accuracy with her focused touch that pinpoints a blockage of energy and aids in restoring the natural flow. Her dedication to the transmission of Jin Shin Jyutsu is admirable, as she maintains ongoing study groups and mentorship events.  I am impressed with her capacity to accompany each student as we are practicing, asking questions that encourage our understanding of this art. Most of all I appreciate the healing ambience she creates with her warm presence  Each time I return to New York, I am sure to visit Alexis.

-Katarina K.


"I took my first 5-day class two years ago in NYC and had the good fortune to meet Alexis there. From the first time I met her she was warm and welcoming, which is how it feels when I attend one of her group sessions.  

Alexis’ studio is a peaceful space to practice and receive the Art of Jin Shin. It is a clean open space that looks out at a beautiful buddha statue in her garden. I’m not sure which is my favorite season to be there practicing; in the fall with the beautiful colors of the trees reflecting into the studio or in the winter watching snow fall over the buddha statue.   

Alexis sets the topics prior to each session, which as a new student, I find helpful because I will try to study the depths and flows prior to the session to get the most out of it. She also invites new and experienced students to attend. This creates such a positive energy in the room because Alexis and the experienced students are so generous sharing their knowledge of Jin Shin with the group. They always have kind words of encouragement making the monthly group sessions a wonderful way for me to continue practicing the Art of Jin Shin. The sessions give me the confidence to study beyond the group session and share Jin Shin Jyutsu with my family and friends."

-Kerri Mulligan


 "Learning about the Art of Jin Shin  is a lifetime endeavor so having an experienced teacher like Alexis available to guide and encourage one is priceless."

-Joan Hermione Steele


“I have been a client of hers for over ten years and have experienced firsthand her exceptional skill in practicing the Art of Jin Shin. However, equally as valuable as the treatments I received, was her ability to communicate and explain the underlying issues that were manifesting in the body.”

-Charles T.