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Improve your well-being instantly with this illustrated pocket-sized encyclopedia offering quick, holistic treatments to 80 different common ailments—including allergies, high blood pressure, depression, back pain, and more!

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The hectic pace of our busy lives often leads to common aches and pains that can prevent us from living to the fullest. But it doesn’t have to be that way! Following the expert methods outlined in The Art of Jin ShinHealing at Your Fingertips teaches you easy-to-implement steps to help alleviate pain.

The Art of Jin Shin is the ancient Japanese healing practice of gentle touching with the fingers and hands to redirect or unblock the flow of energy. By strategically placing your fingertips on different parts of the body, you can restore and harmonize blocked, stagnant energy that causes the majority of common symptoms—from anxiety, digestive issues, migraines, insomnia, and more!

Featuring illustrations of 80 different holds, you’ll be able to relieve your aches and pains instantly whether you’re at work, at home, or on the go.


Alexis's first book, The Art of Jin Shin, is the perfect way to start your own Self Help practice and dive into the wonders of this healing modality. You can order a copy through Amazon today!

Balance your body, mind, and spirit and heal yourself with your own hands using this clear, step-by-step illustrated guide to the practice of the ancient Japanese healing art of Jin Shin—written by a trained expert with nearly three decades of experience. 

You might be surprised to learn that the majority of today’s most common ailments including anxiety, backaches, colds and flu, digestive issues, immune disorders, migraines, and insomnia, can be alleviated naturally by restoring and harmonizing blocked, stagnant energy. The art of Jin Shin, based on the Japanese healing art of energy medicine, is practiced throughout the world. While related to acupressure and massage therapy, this holistic practice uses only minimal pressure and gentle touching with the fingers and hands to redirect or unblock the flow of energy along the body’s fifty-two points (twenty-six on each side of the body)—called Safety Energy Locations, or SELs—areas where energy tends to get congested. This simple, non-invasive process allows your body’s energy to flow smoothly, and with balance restored, you will experience a sense of wellbeing and calm.

The Art of Jin Shin explains all the basics of this healing art and provides you with the knowledge you need to practice it on yourself—with exercises ranging from simply holding a finger for a few minutes to spending twenty minutes to harmonize a specific circulation pattern. Whether you desire a deeper understanding of the body/mind/spirit connection or want to create a daily Jin Shin maintenance routine the power is literally at your fingertips.