The Art of Jin Shin can be easily practiced on oneself. As a matter of fact, it is an integral part of the art. A daily maintenance program as well as a specific individual program can be designed by you or your practitioner. You can practice on yourself as a way to maintain harmony in your body and break down new congestions. There is no time limit on how much time one can spend applying the Art of Jin Shin to oneself.

It takes 20 minutes to complete one circulation pattern. You can also hold a SEL (point) or finger for a couple of minutes. It is interesting to observe that we give ourselves the Art of Jin Shin without even being aware of it. We naturally hold certain fingers or SEL's (points) as we know subconsciously what needs to be harmonized. It is an innate part of our wisdom, we are all born with this knowledge. How often do we see a baby suck her/his thumb? This is exactly what the baby needs. There are many other examples.

The Art of Jin Shin is really about self­-study and becomes a way of life. Listening, observing and studying oneself on a spiritual, mental, emotional and physical level is the key to knowing and helping oneself. The Art of Jin Shin teaches us how to energize, support and harmonize our total body.

Safety Energy Locations (SELs)

Use this as a reference guide for the following flows.
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There are 26 Saftey Energy Locations (SELs) on the left & right side of the body. They act as friendly warning signs. One or more SELs may lock when the energy gets blocked. The SEL in question feels tight when there is a disharmony. By opening the appropriate SEL, energy can flow freely again. The SELs on thet front of the body help our exhalation and allow energy to descend down the front, from head to toe. The SELs on the back of the body help our inhalation and allow energy to ascend up the back.

Each of the SELs is the size of the reciever's palm of hand where the energy can be accessed. If you're not exactly on the bullseye, it will still have an effect.

Place one or both hands on a individual SEL. You can use them by themselves or in combination. (See flow patterns)

For a complete list of the SELs & what they help, click below.

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SEL 1: Abdomen, breathing, digestion.

SEL 2: Back, breathing, elimination.

SEL 3: Breathing, immune system, shoulder pain.

SEL 4: Dizziness, eyes, head.

SEL 5: Breathing, digestion, reproductive organs.

SEL 6: Back, breathing, feet.

SEL 7: Breathing, head, digestion.

SEL 8: Back, hips, muscles.

SEL 9: Breathing, feet, opposite hip.

SEL 10: Breathing, heart, shoulder.

SEL 11: Breathing, neck, arm.

SEL 12: Hip, head, neck.

SEL 13: Breathing, heart, reproductive.

SEL 14: Breathing, brain, digestion.

SEL 15: Blood circulation, heart, legs.

SEL 16: Blood circulation, head, paralysis.

SEL 17: Ankle (opp), nerves, wrist.

SEL 18: Breathing, head, sleep.

SEL 19: Arm, breathing, digestion.

SEL 20: Chest, eyes, head.

SEL 21: Digestion, facial muscles, sinus.

SEL 22: Breathing, digestion, throat.

SEL 23: Adrenals, digestion, fatigue.

SEL 24: Ankles, feet, emotion chaos.

SEL 25: Abdomen, back, digestion.

SEL 26: Arm numbing, breathing, fatigue.


Simple Self-Help for the Total Body

You can hold each finger one at a time to help the entire body, as demonstrated above. You will feel a pulse in the finger and when it's a nice, even pulse it means that it's harmonized. You can hold one finger only or work through each of them, one at a time. Use whichever side feels comfortable.

Use your breath as you're holding the fingers to help move the energy through the body. One nice exercise is to conciously exhale and inhale 3 times per finger and palm. This completes the 36 recommended conscious breaths per day. 

Main Center Source Flow

1. Place your right fingertips on the top of your head. Keep your hand there for the rest of the exercise, until Step 7, when you move it to the base of the spine. Helps: the pineal and pituitary glands.

2. Place your left fingertips between the eyebrows. Helps: memory, mental clarity, focus, mental stress, insomnia, natural diuretic.

3. Place your left fingertips on the indentation under the tip of your nose. Helps: reproductive functions and energy of generation and regeneration.

4. Place your left fingertips on the V of the neck. Helps: thyroid, parathyroid, voice, breathing, calcium absorption.

5. Place your left fingertips on the middle of sternum or breastbone. Helps: lungs, breathing, heart, emotional being, harmonizes growth hormones, immune system.

6. Place your left fingertips at the base of the sternum, directly above the solar plexus. Helps: liver, gallbladder, stomach, spleen, adrenals.

7. Place your left fingertips on top of the pubic bone. This revitalizes the descending source of life energy and strengthens the spine.

8. Leave your left hand on top of the pubic bone. Remove the fingertips of you right hand from the top of your head and place them at the base of the spine, at the coccyx. You may also use the palm or back of the right hand, if it is more comfortable. The last placement of the hand revitalizes the ascending source of life energy and aids in the circulation of the legs and feet.

Quickie Supervisor Flow

By practicing this flow, you help all of the SELs.

For left side of body, place your right hand on left shoulder, left hand on left top of thigh. This helps everything on the back of the body. For: back ache, kidneys, spine.

Place right hand on left shoulder, left hand on left hipbone. This helps everything in the front of the body. For: stomach ache, digestion.