Jin Shin Practitioners Around the World

Alex Shih
Jin Shin Jyutsu Ptactitioner & Self Help Teacher

The Art of Jin Shin has become a spiritual practice for me, a philosophy to be present to my own rhythms and the flow of the universe.

I started my studies and practice while living overseas, with both human and animal clients. My focus on my own self help strengthened my overall constitution and resilience as well as tapping into my inner peace. The Art has given me the tools to support my family, animals, friends, and clients during challenging, liminal, and transitional times as well as more fully embodying their light.

I offer Jin Shin online as a meditation and as a one-on-one exploration of my client’s present wellbeing. In these sessions we dialogue about their challenges and desires and how to integrate Jin Shin to help navigate life. By leading them through self help, together we create a sacred space and an opening for them to sit more comfortably within themselves and become their own testimony.

Other ways I offer Jin Shin include long distance sessions for human and animal, online group sessions, online Elemental workshop series, and AstroJinShin for those interested in foundational flows as a core practice.

It is a blessing to share this beautiful Art which supports us wherever we are in our life journey. For more Jin Shin suggestions and tips, follow me on Instagram @conversational_space or www.WhatTherapy.com for more well-living focused writing.

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