Jin Shin Practitioners Around the World

Corinna Hagen
Jin Shin Practitioner & Self Help teacher
Carrer Nou , Jávea 33 03730

Sessions & self-help courses held in English, German and Spanish
When I was a teenager, I always dreamt of living in a sunny village, surrounded by animals, close to the sea and working with people with different nationalities. So, I moved to the coast of sunny Spain and became a freelance translator (German/English/Spanish) and language teacher.
I really loved my job, but 20 years of working until morning hours and with deadline pressure combined with childcare and housework stole nearly all my energy. That was in 2008, when I suffered from a Burn Out Syndrome and was introduced to Jin ShIn Jyutsu. This gentle art saved and changed my life dramatically. It not only brought my energy back, but also harmonized my digestion, enhanced my spirituality, and contacted me with many wonderful people (and animals) from all over the world. It was so amazing, that I decided to learn more about it and could not stop reading and taking courses…
Now, as a qualified teacher of JSJ (since 2012), I really enjoy sharing my knowledge and experiences by offering sessions for humans and animals as well as self-help courses for everybody, who wants to feel better, harmonize body, mind & soul and aspire an effortless reality.

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