Jin Shin Practitioners Around the World

Cynthia Gianni
Jin Shin Jyutsu Practitioner

Our hands are magical, that is what I have always believed in. In 2016 I was searching for mudras on the internet and it was then that I discovered The Art of Jin Shin.
The Art of Jin Shin has a profound meaning for me because it connects all important aspects of life:
Philosophically: I always believed that body mind and spirit are was universally connected and The Art of Jin Shin showed me all these connections.
Spiritually it has handed me all the tools to deal with the challenges of life, also giving me strength and peace.
And physically it gives me the answers to ‘labels’ I encounter in others as well as in myself.
I love doing the sessions and seeing how many different (and of course endless!) ways there are to treat someone.
The Art of Jin Shin gives me the opportunity to work with all these levels and to develop the consciousness to handle all aspects that life offers.

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